VR documentary households

VR documentary households

A research project about experiencing VR documentaries at home.

From virtual safaris and immersive space stations to interactive rainforests and 360° tours of refugee camps, virtual reality (VR) nonfiction is starting to emerge: online, at film festivals and even in cinemas.

As part of a research project called 'Virtual Realities', we want to know what you think about VR nonfiction...

Clouds Over Sidra (USA, 2015), Gabo Arora and Chris Milk

  • What kinds of VR documentaries do you enjoy?
  • Does VR live up to the hype; do you want to see more?
  • Are there certain subjects that work well, or not so well in VR?
  • How do you describe what you've seen or experienced to friends and family?

To help answer these kinds of questions, we are inviting households across Bristol to get involved in the research by trying a variety of VR documentaries - in their own homes and in public venues - and having some conversations with us about their experiences.

Life in VR: California Coast (UK, 2017), BBC Studios and Preloaded

If this is something you and your household might like to take part in, please read the information in the 'about' section and then register your interest - or feel free to drop us a line at vrhouseholds@gmail.com - we'd love to hear from you!

Nomads (UK, 2015), Felix and Paul Studios