We are seeking Bristol households (2-3 or more people living together) to take part in an 8-week study that will involve watching VR nonfiction and sharing your experiences with us and with other members of your household. Households will be provided with VR equipment and invited to participate flexibly, in their own time. We will provide ongoing support and facilitate conversations via WhatsApp, online and in person.

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Collisions (Australia, 2016), Lynette Wallworth

What is involved?

We would like to begin by visiting you at home. As a group, we will talk through the study and you can ask us any questions you may have. Some or all of you may choose to proceed with the study, or you might choose not to - no problem!

If you choose to proceed, we will arrange another visit. This time, we will bring a box...

Inside the box, among other things, there will be VR headsets. We will show you how to use them, we will have a chat about VR and discuss any experience of VR you might already have.

Over the next 8 weeks, you can use the VR equipment in your own time - as much as you like! We will make suggestions via WhatsApp and this website and you can share reviews and suggestions with other participating households via the website forum.

We may visit you at the halfway point (i.e. after four weeks) to see how things are going. When the eight weeks are up, we will collect the equipment and ask you some final questions about your experiences.

Spacewalker (Russia, 2017), Bazelevs and CGF Studio

Is my household eligible?

By ‘household’, we simply mean any group of (2, 3, 4 or more) people who live together. This could be a multi-generational family (e.g. parents, children and grand-parents), a single-parent family, a group of friends, or any other combination of people aged 13+ [*]. Unfortunately, as most VR documentaries are in English, we are looking for competent English-speakers only as we are unable to provide translations.

[*] Industry guidelines recommend children under 13 do not use VR headsets.

Hallelujah (USA, 2017), Lytro & Within

What else do I need to know?

Wonderful You (UK, 2016), BDH Immersive